Nora Zang  

Who am I?

Nora Zang, artlover, marketing specialist, painter and a generally creative mind.

My artistic work is like a journey to my own source of energy and vitality. Sometimes I get pretty close to it and on other days I fail, but the road is always colorful and magic.

Art makes me feel alive

Creating art is a process in which I give away parts of my vital force into an artwork and get them back at the same time… it is a kind of dialoge between myself and the entity of art. And when I achieve this flow it feels like pure magic. So my subject matter could be called the flow of energy, expressed by the variety and brightness of colours.

I love to work expressive and feel alive by impulsive creations with powerful colors on one hand, and in contrary also precise detail workpieces on the other hand.

The flow of energy

Inspirations change daily and are everywhere… my main sources are a mixture of spiritual impulses, symbolism, street art creations, expressive art and popart as well as my own emotions and experiences.

Eventually, capturing, transforming and creating emotions through and with art are the main essence of my creative work.