Nora Zang  

12.-21. April 2024: Group exhibition at the Holy Art Gallery, London

I am so happy that my artwork „Josephine‘s Dream“ was accepted at the Holy Art Gallery in London. Don’t miss this great exhibition with amazing artists from 12.-21. April 2024 - Can’t wait to join this art show!

Artwork and Installation at live concert of Kaye-Ree on 23rd March 2024 in Zoom, Frankfurt

This portrait of the beautiful singer Kaye-Ree is a common artwork of me and Johnny Donnaray. The creation was so much fun and it was a great experience to create one artwork together. Basically we created it with a hanging installation , which we could present at her concert.

During the concert we were enchanted by the outstanding voice of amazing Kaye Ree and her gorgeous band. We felt very honored that we were able to present our art installation directly on stage and we like to thank the wonderful her for being such a great inspiration!

Learn more about wonderful Kaye-Ree

February 2024: Mural Artwork for "La Escuelita" in Chame, Panama

Johnny and me are very happy, that we could create the amazing mural artwork "Escotilla de sueňos" for the NGO organization "La Escuelita" in Panama.

February 2024: Art Therapy Volunteering at "La Escuelita" in Chame, Panama

It is always a pleasure to invest your own energy helping others to grow! We are very proud of this great volunteer experience we had at La Escuelita working with these amazing women and children. It was a pleasure to support them recognize and apply their own strengths and resources through art therapy exercises and creativity. Above all, we are very grateful for all the love and wisdom we received back and could learn from them. Particularly it was a pleasure to meet Evelin Pineda, the great founder of this project which supports the education and development from women and children with challenging backgrounds. We are looking forward to see this project growing through her enthusiasm and creativity.

Learn more about La Escuelita

Anonymous Art 2023 at Montez, Frankfurt

Again in this year the "Kunstverein Familie Montez", provides the opportunity to buy a piece of great art out of 350 amazing artworks from anonymous artists - and I am proud to be one of them.

Girl you know, it's true - Exhibition at the Milli Vanilli Documentary Movie Night at the "Schanz" in Mühlheim

Our beautiful and talented friend, Linda Rocco, which belongs with her sister Jodie to the real singers of the music group "Milli Vanilli" invited us to exhibit our portraits of Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan as well as of Charles Shaw, Brad Howell, John Davis, Linda Rocco and Jodie Rocco. Hearing the live performance from a part of the real Milli Vanilli singers and learning more about this part of music history was a gorgeous experience for us.

SALIGIA - Art Happening at Rodgau Art from 27th - 29th October in Rodgau

My partner in crime, Johnny Donnaray presented our happening "SALIGIA" at the Rogau Art 2023. The acronym "SALIGIA" refers to the medieval the 7 deadly sins of the Middle Ages and is composed of the first letters of the respective Latin terms "Superbia" (arrogance), "Avaritia" (greed), "Luxuria" (lust), "Ira" (anger), "Gula" (intemperance), "Invidia" (envy) as well as "Acedia" (sloth) together. They were considered as basic dangers of mankind, because they tend to lead to many further sins. According to the theological concept the severity of these vices is so important, because it separates man from his creative source of love.
In designing our assemblage, we have interpreted the 7 deadly sins in relation to the contemporary context and in the contradictory interplay between modern lifestyle and ethical fallibility.
Through our previous experiences with happenings we were allowed to feel the magic and connectedness of the collective completion of a work of art. Since the SALIGIA concept reflects fundamental facets of human being we invited the audience of Rodgau Art to complete this work together with us. More than 100 color filled capsules have benn thrown onto the purely white picture composition and created a colorful work of art.
With this performance we created for ourselves an experimental foundation for ethical reflections and aesthetic transformations.
We would like to thank the city of Rodgau as well as all our amazing "helpers" for their trust and their great energy!

Group Exhibition "Liebe" at Kunstverein Familie Montez from 14th - 30th July in Frankfurt

Menschwerk Kunstausstelung from 14th - 16th April 2023 in Aschaffenburg

I felt so honoured and excited to be part of the Menschwerk exhibition 2023 in Aschaffenburg.  It was an amazing weekend with more than 5.600 visitors, great artists, nice people and a lot of inspiration. I was very proud to persent my colorful installation "art is energy" with a fancy erupting vulcano. See here some inspirations of my colorful world I created:

Learn more about the Menschwerk Exhibition

Our Art at Maliblues Art Gallery in Chumphon

Johnny Donnaray and I are so proud that our picture „อิสรภาพแห่งอำนาจ/Freedom of energy“ found a new home and can be visited now in the wonderful Maliblues art gallery in Chumphon, where we met plenty of lovely and creative people. When this painting will be sold the money for this will be donated to a welfare organization .

Visit Maliblues Art Gallery

2nd January 2023: Art Volunteering at "Colors of Cambodia" in Siem Reap

It was a big honour for me and Johnny Donnaray to volunteer as art teachers and practice some cubism art with the amazing and talented students of the organization "Colors of Cambodia". We were highly impressed about the positive energy and the creative skills of all these upcoming young artists and hope that we can repeat this exprience one day.

Learn more about Colors of Cambodia

Out now: Our Stop motion Clip of the accoustic version from Kaye Rees beautiful song "Growth"

Johnny Donnaray and me created a short clip about the healing and empowering effects of art in stop motion animation. 
We are so proud now, that the amazing singer Kaye Ree took this clip as music video for the accoustic version of "Growth".

Anonymous Art 2023 at Monzez, Frankfurt

In this project, the "Kunstverein Familie Montez", provides the opportunity to buy a piece of art out of 250 amazing artworks from anonymous artists.

Visit the online exhibition and find my artwork

24th September: "Paint for Peace" - Livepainting at the Frankfurt Nordwestzentrum

Art is a powerful element to unite and connect humans, no matter which age, gender, culture, religion or social backgroud they have. 
On 24th September Johnny Donnaray and I painted together with more than 200 people a huge picture themed "Paint for Peace" in the Nordwestzentrum Frankfurt.
This happening was at the same time the last event of the eyecandy temple of arts festival.
It was such a great experience and it felt so magical to create a work for peace united with so many people.

28th/29th May: Trippy Candyland at Eyecandy Temple of Arts

Inspired by the atmosphere and magic of colorful carnivals, lascivious spectacles and the intriguiing world of circus of the 20ies we wanted to enchant you with our artworks.
The artistic presented portfolio includes contemporary paintings, sculptures, photographies as well as multimediaart – all with a breeze oft he fascinating charme of a passed epoch.
Additionally, we’ve prepared plenty of small „attractions“ and surprises!

And after this event I feel so unbelievably happy and overwhelmed after our Trippy Candyland Artmania exhbition. It was such an inspiring experience to present our art, 
create together, develop new ideas and meet exciting people!
I like to thank my favorite person Johnny Donnaray for this creativity, energy, passion and love invested in this event, it was a pleasure to create all this together - from the first idea in a brainstorming, over all ups
and downs we had, up to the implementation of each single, tiny detail.
A big thank to Mikail Nash for the great support and art he presented, to Tulay Sanlay for making all this possible in the Eyecandy Frankfurt Temple of Arts.
Also a lot of thanks to everybody who came to see us and our art, and to all those who supported us from outside, and to Marion Eckstein, Linda Rocco and
Venice Voisin for the great pictures they took!!!
You all rock and we are looking forward to new projects!

ARTMANIA exhibition from 21st March - 21nd April at the North West Center in Frankfurt
Let's celebrate the spring awakening :)!

Eyecandy Frankfurt presents in cooperation with the Frankfurt North West Center from 21st March to 20th April 2022  zogether with the North West Center in Frankfurt the unique Artmania exhibition "Spring Awakening". Different artists will present 4 weeks long their paintings, photographies as well as artworks which were specially created  around the topic "Spring Awakening". Creative gardeners will integrate the artworks into amazing floral compositions along the whole shopping center.  The individual artists will present additionally in the „Eyecandy Frankfurt Pop Art Store“ in North West Center (next to the boutique Hunkemöller) their artworks in 1 week exhibitions.
I am hououred to present my artworks from Monday, 4th April  until Sounday, 10th.April 2022 with the amazing artists
@bommiart / @olioptic / @johnnydonnaray / @monaelhor_
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SPRING AWAKENING is a concept of by Tülay Sanlav. 2022 ©️ All rights reserved

9th March 2022 membership of artistic performance
for peace "United against War" on Römerplatz in Frankfurt

Together with several Frankfurt artists we set our statement against war and violence for a peaceful world in mutual love, respect and appreciation.

26th March, 2022, Vernissage at Café Namenlos in Frankfurt with wonderful Johnny Donnaray 

I am so happy and excited to announce my art exhibition with the amazing artist Johnny Donnaray at the very inspiring Café Namenlos in Frankfurt. The vernissage will take place on 26th March from 2pm... come along, enjoy gorgeos coffee, delicious cake, inspiring art and funky live music.
Our art can be vistited afterwards at Café Namenlos until 2nd april.

See you at Café Namenlos, Egenolffstrasse 42, 60316, Frankfurt

19th January 2022, EYECANDY Art Flashmob at the Frankfurt Fashion Week

What an amazing experience, working in a loving synergy with so many creative minds and bringing art into a dynamic interaction with fashion! It was a honour and pleasure to be part of the Eyecandy Art Flashmob at the Frankfurt Fashion Week 2022. The great talent designer NECHIA tailored amazing fashion from artworks which were presented on the catwalk. And I am particularly proud, that the gorgeous singer KAY-REE was wearing my artwork while performing the opening song at the second day of the fashion week.


More Fashion from NECHIA
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Music Clip "Avatare"

 Very thankful to be part of the artists in the music video "Avatare" of the amazing band "Tonland"! "Avatare" is an emotional, positive song which encourages to live out authenticity and embrace live itself as well as the own selfhood.

More about Tonland

Over and Over...

It was so much fun and a huge pleasure to play with colors and develop a music video with the great band vibes o' five! And I really love this song :)


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