Nora Zang  

SALIGIA - Happening at Rodgau Art 2023

My partner in crime, Johnny Donnaray presented our happening "SALIGIA" at the Rogau Art 2023. The acronym "SALIGIA" refers to the medieval the 7 deadly sins of the Middle Ages and is composed of the first letters of the respective Latin terms "Superbia" (arrogance), "Avaritia" (greed), "Luxuria" (lust), "Ira" (anger), "Gula" (intemperance), "Invidia" (envy) as well as "Acedia" (sloth) together. They were considered as basic dangers of mankind, because they tend to lead to many further sins. According to the theological concept the severity of these vices is so important, because it separates man from his creative source of love.
In designing our assemblage, we have interpreted the 7 deadly sins in relation to the contemporary context and in the contradictory interplay between modern lifestyle and ethical fallibility.
Through our previous experiences with happenings we were allowed to feel the magic and connectedness of the collective completion of a work of art. Since the SALIGIA concept reflects fundamental facets of human being we invited the audience of Rodgau Art to complete this work together with us. More than 100 color filled capsules have benn thrown onto the purely white picture composition and created a colorful work of art.
With this performance we created for ourselves an experimental foundation for ethical reflections and aesthetic transformations.

This is how the Assemblage looked before the Happening:

Paint for Peace - Frankfurt North West Center 2022

 As we wanted to set a signal for global peace and unity Johnny Donnaray and me invited more than 200 visitors of the Frankfurt North West Center to create a huge painting together.

Paint for Peace - Trippy Candyland 2022

At the special exhibition "Trippy Candyland" we invited all children to use their great energy and paint on a huge canvas as a symbol fo human connection, unity and peace.